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Community Service:
Community Service Form


The Following list was made up from community service paperwork for 2016, and other sources given to us during the change over. You may use one from the list or donate to anywhere or anyone you may choose.   Please print and fill out a  Comunity Service Form  for each LOCATION you take your  items to.

 You may contact any RGV Hospital-(Each hospital will have different needs Ex: neo-natal, rehab, hospice, birthing, pediatric, etc.)  A good place to start is the gift shop. The AUX Volunteers will be happy to assist you.

Please forward all additions, deletions, corrections of this list to Rick/Subie at rredd2@rgv.rr.com


Please bring your quilt(s) to a meeting and turn them in. They will be taken care of by the proper persons after that.


You may also contact any valley Fire Department.



Tx Dept of Family and Protective Services                            Battered Women's Shelter
1060 Mackintosh Dr   956-546-5591                                     1254 E Tyler St    956-542-2368


Catholic Charities
955 W Price Rd     956-541-0220




Tx Dept of Family and Protective Services                            Estrella's House                                           
2520 N Closner Blvd    956-316-2489                                    525 W Wisconsin Rd  956-287-9754
2520 S Veterans Blvd   956-383-5344
300 E Canton Rd          956-382-5791

Retama Nursing Home                                                           Discovery School
1501 S Closner Blvd    956-383-5656                                    1711 W Alberta Rd      956-382-1117

EB Guerra School                                                                   Amara Hospice (POC: Aidee Lopez)
10010 N Via Fernandez Rd   956-289-2530                           505 W Owassa Rd        956-283-1550

Palm Valley Animal Center                                                    Upper Valley Community Partners
2501 W Trenton   956-686-1141                                            Rainbow Room  (POC: Alicia DeLeon)
                                                                                                                                                 300 E Canton rd       956-316-8704


Ronald McDonald House                                                       Su Clinica
1720 Treasure Hills Blvd   956-412-7200                              1706 Treasure Hills Blvd  956-365-6000


Tx Dept of Family and Protective Services                           Veranda Rehabilitation & Healthcare
801 N 13Th  Ste 19           956-423-3100                               4301 S Exp 83     956-423-4959


Harlingen Community Development                                      Rio Grande State Center
518 E Harrison Ave       956-421-2351                                   1401 Rangerville Rd   956-364-8000


Texas Onocolgy-Harlingen Cancer Center                             Cameron/Willacy Community Partners
2121 Pease St  #101       956-425-8845                                  
Rainbow Room (POC: Emma Menchaca)
801 N 13th Ste 23        956-270-2284


La Feria First United Methodist Church                                 Shriner Crippled Children's Clinic
331 S Main St       956-797-1393                                            13415 E Expressway 83   956-797-1524




McAllen Pregnancy Center                                                   McAllen Rainbow Room
717 S 12th St      956-631-4585                                            1919 Austin Ave       956-682-1301


Catholic Charities/Humanitarian Respite Center                   Comfort House
Sacred Heart Church (POC: Eli Fernandez)                           617 Dallas Ave      956-687-7367           
306 S 15th St


A Gonzales Veterans Home                                                  Grand Terrace Rehab and Healthcare
301 E Yuma Rd     956-682-4224                                         812 W Houston Ave  956-682-6331


Vannie Cook Children's Center                                             Mujeres Unidas (Women Together)
101 W  Exp 83        956-661-9840                                         511 N Cynthia St       956-630-4878


American Cancer Society                                                       Driscoll Children's Clinic
1200 E Ridge Rd   956-682-8320                                          1120 E Ridge Rd        956-688-1200


Silver Ribbon Adult Protective Service                                  RGV Community Partners                 
POC: Rose Ramirez                                                                Rainbow Room  (POC: Emma Menchaca)
1919 Austin Ave     956-664-4892                                         1919 Austin Ave          956-270-2284



Sacred Heart Church
920 Anaquitas St     956-565-0271



 Mission Nursing and Rehab
1013 S Bryan Rd     956-580-2100



 Catholic Charities                                                                    San Juan Nursing Home
700 Virgen de San Juan Blvd   956-702-4088                          300 N Nebraska Ave      956-787-1771



 Holy Family Services Birth Center                                        San Martin de Porres Catholic Church
5819 N FM88     956-969-2538                                              901 Texas Blvd                956-968-2691


Weslaco Nursing  & Rehab Center                                        Aurora's House (POC: Lupita Martinez)
422 E 18Th St                         956-973-8451                         2646 W 18Th St              956-973-9690

Texas Oncology Cancer Center                                              US Renal Care Mid Valley Weslaco 
1330 E 6th St   #204                 956-969-0021                        1005 S Airport Dr            956-968-5806